Suppliers Terms & Conditions

SB Tool & Machine Co.


1. The supplier must inform SB Tool & Machine Co. of any nonconforming product prior to shipping

2. The supplier must receive approvals from SB Tool & Machine Co. on actions taken with any nonconforming product.

3. All corrective actions received from SB Tool & Machine Co.’s customers as a result of the supplier’s nonconformance will be the responsibility of the supplier. The supplier will also be financially responsible for the remanufacturing of the part as a result of any nonconformance

4. The supplier must retain all the records of their production activities pertaining to any purchase order received from SB Tool & Machine Co.

5. SB Tool & Machine Co., their customers, and any regulatory authority reserve the right of access to any parts of the facility of the supplier or the supply chain.



This quality procedure describes the methods and procedures for packaging, handling, storing, and shipping of parts labelled as critical safety items manufactured by SB Tool & Machine Co. to comply with requirements by our customers. These requirements are to prevent damage or deterioration of critical safety items.


This procedure applies to SB Tool & Machine Co. personnel and to all subcontractors/vendors packaging and handling the parts in performing processes to these items


The designee (or assigned technician) is responsible for identifying critical safety items that require special packaging, handling, storage and shipping. The designee (or assigned technician) is responsible for documenting and informing the customer of any damage incurred by the part as a result of mishandling. The designee (or assigned technician) is responsible for verifying that any specified special packaging, handling, storing, and shipping procedures have been implemented. The supplier is responsible for ensuring that assigned personnel are properly trained in the packaging, handling, storing, and shipping of critical safety items, as appropriate.

The supplier will be held responsible for any damages and/or losses of all and any kind that may occur by not respecting these instructions.


4.1 Handling

To prevent damage, critical safety items are handled using utmost care and good judgment. Equipment operators or assigned technicians, who are involved in the handling of critical safety items, shall be suitably trained or experienced. All critical safety items are to be very cautiously handled to avoid any dents or damage resulting from contact with anything. Any damage observed shall be immediately reported to SB Tool & Machine Co. and all work on the part is to be halted until instructed otherwise. If critical safety item deterioration or damage is a possibility, the vendor must inform SB Tool & Machine Co. prior to carrying out any work immediately.

4.2 Marking and Labeling

Marking and/or labeling of critical safety items, is required. Proper marking and/or labels of critical safety items made available to the vendor must be used before and after any processes are carried out.

4.3 Storage

To avoid contamination and damage to all critical safety items, cases provided, which the parts are shipped in, are to be used to store all critical safety items before and after the parts are processed.

4.4 Packaging & Shipping

Packaging ensures that samples are protected from corrosion, contamination, physical damage, or any effect that may lower their quality or cause their deterioration. Dustproof, waterproof and impact resistant cases provided with the parts are required to be used for packaging and shipping for all critical safety items. Caps, plugs, tapes, and adhesives shall consist of materials that enable them to perform their intended function adequately without causing harmful effects on critical safety items.

4.5 Foreign Object Detection

The organization/supplier/vendor shall plan and carry out production and service provision under controlled conditions. Controlled conditions shall include provisions for the prevention, detection and removal of foreign objects as per AS9100 section 7.5.1


Proper completion of the procedures listed in Section 4.0 constitutes the acceptance criteria for this procedure.