Precise Machining For Your Standards

Having a fleet of CNC vertical machining centres and CNC lathes is the foundation of SB Tool & Machine Co. We possess the knowledge of several CAD/CAM systems and provide the most sophisticaed softwares to exceed our customers' expectations. Accompanying our manufacturing, we design products and components with the supervision of accredited engineering on site at all times using the most advanced softwares in the market.

SB Tool & Machine Co. recognizes the industry's need of efficiency through lower machining time, lower cost, and environmentally friendly procedures. SB Tool & Machine Co. is continuously investing in technology to improve our machining time, cost and environmental regulations and procedures. We are constantly monitoring every stage of the product/component to ensure the highest quality with cost efficiency.

The industry is in constant demand for higher accuracy and precision in manufacturing parts and components. Our inspection department enjoys the most advanced machines to accurately provide inspection reports on produced parts and components. With calibrated inspection tools, hardness tester, surface roughness tester and CMM machines, we excel in measuring the most complicated and critical parts that can affect the safety and lives of people. Constant investment in the inspection department continues to be one of the largest investments made in order to provide you with the quality you demand.